The Berlin Language Workshop will take place in July of 2022 and will bring together scholars working on different topics in the philosophy of language to discuss ongoing research. There will be two keynote talks by Ofra Magidor and Fabrizio Cariani and eight further presentations that have been selected through a call for papers.

Program -- Thursday, July 14

10.00–11.10 Aleksander Domosławski:
Metalinguistic Comparatives and Semantic Plasticity
11.20–12.30 Henry Ian Schiller:
What’s your opinion? Negation and ‘weak’ attitude verbs
14.30–15.40 David Boylan:
Counterfactual Skepticism is (Just) Skepticism
15.55–17.05 Luise Mirow:
Expressive Lies?
17.20–18.30 Ofra Magidor:
Meaning transfer and copredication